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Corpus Christi Roman Catholic Church

Portsmouth, NH

Completed 2020

In 1874 St. Mary’s Church, the oldest Roman Catholic Parish in the city of Portsmouth, New Hampshire was renamed Immaculate Conception Church. Between and after both world wars the parish community grew to such numbers that by 1930 the decision was made to construct a new parish church. The present church structure was completed between 1933 and 1934. Architecturally speaking, it is a curious but effective combination of English Tudor, Gothic, and Art Moderne. Today and as a result of institutional contraction, Immaculate Conception Parish serves as a regional parish and has been renamed Corpus Christi Parish. In 2019 the parish enlisted the services of MPSB. The established scope included new architectural lighting and restoration of the original lanterns, a new pulpit, a new baptismal font, new flooring throughout, plaster restoration and decorative painting.

Design & Implementation Team

Architectural Design

MPSB Architectural Design Studio

Decorative Painting

John Tiedemann Inc.

Architectural Lighting

Rambusch Studios

Electrical Engineer

Gates City Electric

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