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St. James Roman Catholic Parish

Johnson City, NY

Completed 2021

Recipient of a 2021 Historic Preservation Award from New York State’s Preservation Association of the Southern Tier (PAST)

The village of Johnson City is located on the north side of the Susquehanna River in the Southern Tier of New York State.  The 1911 Beaux Arts Structure that is the church for St. James Roman Catholic Parish gives strong testament to the growth, perseverance, and success of its parishioners.  The vocabulary of its Beaux Arts architecture speaks of a Catholic population that had arrived. Here, the pattern book Victorian Gothic of a generation prior has given way to acanthus-leafed capitals, coffered arches with florets, egg and dart moldings, and elegant entablatures.  By 2018, the parish realized that the time had come for a comprehensive assessment of both the exterior and interior of the church structure. While repairs to the terracotta roofing and its flashing were underway, work began on a master plan that would address all aspects of the renovation of the interior of the church.  For undertaking the later, MPSB was selected.  Upgrades to the existing lighting, restoration of the stained glass, a new decorative painting scheme, restoration of the pews, new decorative terrazzo, wood flooring and carpet were on the list of improvements. The realization of these allowed for additional improvements such as restoring the high altar and establishing a shrine area for the parish’s patron, St. James the Great. 

Design & Implementation Team

Architectural Design

MPSB Architectural Design Studio

Architectural Lighting

Rambusch Studios

Stained Glass

Heimer & Co.


Martin’s Woodworking

Decorative Painting

John Tiedemann Inc.

Pew Fabrication

The Keck Group

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